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    PM Salwai to launch first by-law on Pentecost villages

    PM Salwai to launch first by-law on Pentecost villages

    The Prime Minister, Hon Charlot Salwai is set to launch a by-law for the Vanmelang area.

    Vanmelang consists of five villages: Lalbetas, Vansemakul, Lalbah, Vanwoki and Vanwamweri. Mr Salwai hails from Vansemakul village.

    The launch is scheduled for January 9, with the PM expected to return to the capital on January 12. The head of the Vanuatu Government was invited by the chiefs and people of Vanmelang to launch the first by-law for the area since Vanuatu gained independence in 1980.

    It is expected that PM Salwai will be accompanied by officials from the education, health, internal affairs and public works sectors.

    The PM plans to visit government institutions and projects on Pentecost damaged by Tropical Cyclones (TCs) Harold and Lola. PM Salwai is anticipated to be welcomed by the chiefs and locals at Melsisi Catholic mission upon his arrival on Monday.

    This Visit will mark Mr. Salwai’s first visit to his home island in 2024, following a brief visit at the end of 2023 aboard a French army helicopter to see firsthand the severe damage caused by TC Lola.

    By Hilaire Bule