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    Statement by Honorable Charlot Salwai TABIMASMAS ( MP) on the occasion of the Launching of Vanuatu National Security Strategy

    Good Morning

    I'd like to begin by acknowledging the traditional Owners of the land on wich we meet today, and pay my respects to the Chiefs past and Present.

    Today I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of you who had contributed the development of the first ever National Security Strategy and in particular the support of the Australian  government for the financial assistance and technical assistance.

    I also acknowledge the generous support provided by other development partners to support Vanuatu Government aspiration to build resilient society, safe and secure nation.

    The Launching of this new National Security Strategy today is a milestone in the 40 years history of our Republic. This is the first ever National Security Strategy to be developed and we are proud as a government of this development. It reflects our commitment to taking the security of our national Security Institution s.

    Following the release of the National Sustainable Development or the People Plan 2030, the government made a commitment to strengthen our country's National Security Institutions.

    The release of policy document today is a testament to thet commitment. As a government, we are committed to ensuring the periodic review of the state of  Vanuatu's national security and the emerging challenges that we face.

    We recognize the fundamental change occurring in the global order, resulting in both economic opportunities and potential security concerns for Vanuatu.  Our national security setting are critical to this endeavour.

    Indeed, there is no higher responsibility for a government than the security of the nation. In recognition of this responsibility  and to ensure Vanuatu remains safe and secure in this 21st Century, we commission this Vanuatu's first National Security Strategy.

    The first National Security Strategy provides an overarching framework for our national security efforts and describes the strategic context for Vanuatu and for those  in the Ministry of National Security and wider Government agencies who are involved in developing long-term plans, policies and capabilities.

    It also set priorities for the next decades to come. This strategy articulates Vanuatu's national security agenda and set in motion reforms to strengthen our national security community.

    The Strategy does not attempt to predict the future. It is a challenge to foresee the future. An enduring truth however, is that Vanuatu will continue to face unexpected threats and challenges, for which the government and our Security Forces must be prepared to act. Uncertainty and complexity will remain the enduring characteristics of our future operating environment.

    Our National Security Strategy  is in two parts. Part one explains the national security framework. It sets out our vision for our national security and our security objectives and it articulates the actions we will undertake to achieve these objectives.

    The second part of the Strategy is forward looking. It examines the strategic outlook and set priorities to address our security  challenges and ensure Vanuatu capitalizes on the opportunities the future presents.

    It map out the pillars of Vanuatu's national security, and sets the directions for the years ahead . It assist the government pursue its goals and objective under the National Sustainable Development Plan. The Strategy will helps to informs prioritization of our resources and guide government investment in our national security.

    Today in a world of staggering change, the first duty of the government remains the security of our country. As a government, we will ensure that Vanuatu will remain a safe and happy place, where our people and visitors can live together and share together.

    Our People have the freedom and choice to enjoy our way of life and the security to pursue our interests. The Security we enjoy should not come at the cost of our Melanesian Traditional values and Christian principles.

    As a small democratic country, we understand the importance of adopting new ideas, becoming more open and actively engage internationally. It has brought us much needed wealth and has shaped our traditional norms and practices. It is our hope that it will stand us in good and difficult times.

    Becoming open to the outside world does bring with it new challenges and opportunities. National security is concerned with both. Fundamentally, it is about making sure Vanuatu is safe and secure.

    We are witnessing a transformation that is changing the global economic dynamics and strategic landscape. These changes offer unique challenges. as with any change, there is always a degree of insecurity and uncertainty. This demands a more active and collaborative effort among all security agencies to permit the peaceful transition of our strategic landscape.

    Security hemi bisinis blong everyone

    ·         Kavman i kat roles blong playem blong ensurum right security policies we hemi ensuring se Vanuatu i safe mo secure.

    ·         Police i kat role blong hem But security hemi no business blong police mo VMF nomo-hemi businness blong yumi everyone.

    ·         Jifs, yu kat role blong you blong ensurum peace long nasara mo village blong you

    ·         Papa mo mama, you kat important role blong trenem pikinini blong you lon gol values we bae i promotem peace, respect, disciple long home, village, society, community, mo nation blong yu.

    ·         Church Lida you tu i kat role blog playem blong promotem fasins blong Jesus Christ long laef blong wan citizens-wz bae i save lid i ko long wan peaceful character, unity, mo justice, long nesen blong yumi.

    ·         Business man mo woman - you kat role blong playem blong supportem state autorities blong addressem olketa security challenges long nesen blong yumi.

    ·         Wan wan citizens- you kat role blong mekem sua se you behave rightly mo mekem choices mo action we i promotem peace mo action we i promotem peace mo unity oltaem.

    We are also being faced with more immediate national security challenges. Climate change, transnational cried and the treat from terrorist organization present a continuing challenge.

    Organised is becoming more sophisticated. We need an innovative system approach to protect the rights and security of our people. It requires vigilances through proactive  intelligence effort and strong local, regional and international partnerships.

    As we face new challenges, we must adapt and act according. Vanuatu's current national security arrangement provides us with a limited baseline capability to address new treats, but we are sure that our smallness and geographical disposition will provide a sure foundation, with strong connections in our diplomacy, border protection, development and law enforcement.

    Our security arrangements are also broad based, with government and security institutions working collaboratively and closely with provincial governments, businesses and community leaders.

    Earlier this year, in demonstrating my governments commitment to strengthening our security institutions, The Council of Ministers, approved the establishment of a National Security Council, which will bring together all the senior ministers concerned, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

    This will be a first time ever, that Vanuatu will have a National Security Council since the Country gained independence in 1980. The National Security Council will ensure a strategic and Highly coordinated approach across the whole government to the risks and challenges that the county face and also the opportunities that will present to Vanuatu. Work has ow started to ensure that the National Security Council is established by end of this year.

    To ensure that we make sensible decisions about the defence and security capabilities that Vanuatu will need for the future, it is indispensable that we revisit our security objectives and our foreign policy. At the same time, we must have a clear vision on the role we wish our country to play in important issues at the global stage, as well as appreciating the risk that we will face in a complex, challenging and fast-changing global security environment.

    To conclude- Vanuatu is strategically well positioned in the region to benefit from the future. At the same time, our country is also located along the 'rim-of-fire' presenting unprecedented risk and challenges to our livelihoods and progress.

    The National Security Strategy of Vanuatu is to use all our national capabilities to ensure a safe and secure Vanuatu and to promote a Conducive environment for our country's development and progress.

    We will work with our communities to address domestic crimes. We will reform the Vanuatu Police Force and build intelligences service future security needs. We will maintain a small, affordable defensive and offensive capability, and meet our global commitment to peace building.

     Our National Security Strategy reinforces the foundation of our nation, as expressed in our National Constitution, our culture, traditional knowledge and Christian principals. Let's celebrate our constitutional anniversary tomorrow with Pride, confidence and hope.

    It is my pleasure to officially launched the National Security Strategy today and challenge all stakeholders to bring this strategy into reality on the grounds.