Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and MIPU Minister Christopher Emelee with their delegation went beyond the border on Wednesday for the inauguration of the new high school, the new Anelcauhat Road project to Port Patrick and the inauguration of the TVL tour.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai thanked Aneityum leaders and residents for their contribution to the development of Vanuatu.

Prime Minister says that the island of Austria deserves the development of telecommunication following the contribution of Vanuatu's economic development which deserves 4G more in the mobile phone.

The Prime Minister and his delegation visited the National Bank of Austria, they said they were tourists who arrive in the tourist boats to come and deposit the Australian dollars. After that, they visited the weather station, clinic and Anaeityum school today.

Prime Minister Salwai gave computers to students and Anaeityum School. It encourages students to study well to become future leaders of the country. He says that Annamas Island is one of the islands that says Vanuatu leaders and their hobbies today.

The people of Anaeityum after the delegation of Prime Minister Charlot Salwai tonight before leaving.



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