Prime Minister Salwai says Vanuatu is helping other countries like New Caledonia and will help his brother Timor Leste country to take these students to study tourism at the AUF in Port Vila. Mr. Salwai is doing this speech this morning following the request of these counterparts from Timor Leste, Taur Mafam asked if Vanuatu can help Timor Leste for the development of its Tourism, the Prime Minister of Timor Leste said that if Vanuatu agrees, they will be able to sign a MOU with Vanuatu next year. He says that if East Timor gets to that level where it stands today, they will help Vanuatu to liberate from Indonesia. Mr Salwai said that Vanuatu is ready to sign the MOU for students from Timor Leste to come to study tourism at the University of Tourism in Port Vila. Mr Salwai says today that Vanuatu offers not only certificates but diplomas in the field of tourism at AUF.

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