Prime Minister Charlot Salwai donated 10 million Vatu to the Vanuatu National Council of Churches (VCC). Mr Salwai thanked the VCC for its contribution to the country's development in Vanuatu's education, health and other sectors. He says churches help a lot to train good Vanuatu citizens. Mr Salwai thanked VCC for their prayer to maintain the stability of the government. He asked them to use this money to strengthen the union of the members of the church.

VCC Secretary General, Pastor Shem Temar says the donation is an important step in the relationship between the Government and the VCC. The pastor says that this money will help the VCC to resume its development activity.

Both the VCC and the National Council of Malvatumauri Chiefs have never received the annual grant. But the coalition government that Mr Salwai had led today decided to give the annual grant from these two bodies.

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